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Trick-or-Treating in the City of Adams and Village of Friendship will be from 4-7 PM on Friday, October 31.

With Trick-or-Treating right around the corner, the Adams County Sheriff's Office has some safety tips for you.

Please leave a front porch light on if you wish to be visited by trick-or-treaters.

Following are a few safety tips for trick-or-treaters.

General Safety

Plan your route with your family ahead of time. Pick streets that are well lit and in your own neighborhood. Parents should provide a watch and indicate a time children should return home.
Trick-or-Treat with a parent, older sibling, or with a group of children if someone older can't go with you.
Children should go only to houses where the porch lights are on, and never go into a house. Children should walk from house to house - NEVER RUN!
Children should carry a flashlight after dark.

Costume Safety

Wear a costume that fits and makes it easy for you to walk. Strips of reflective tape or light-colored costumes will make you more visible.
Parents should attach name, address and phone number to sleeves of young children in case they become lost or separated from their group.
A face mask may keep you from seeing well. Why not use face makeup instead? If you must wear a face mask, take it off before you cross a street.

Traffic Safety

If a child has to cross the street, they should cross at a crosswalk or corner, not mid-block and never between parked cars. Look both ways before crossing and be alert for cars turning at intersections.
Children should stay on the sidewalks. If there are no sidewalks, they should walk with the road on their right.
If someone drives when you trick-or-treat, buckle up every time you get into the car - even if it is only a few blocks.

Treat Safety

Children should not eat treats until they return home and the treats are inspected by parents.
Fruit should be cut and washed before it is eaten.
Candy wrappers should be checked for tampering. Do not eat anything that is not wrapped or appears to be tampered with. If in doubt, throw it away.
Report any evidence of tampering to the Sheriff's Office 608-339-3304.

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Helping Hands

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Castle Rock Triathlon

The 19th Annual Castle Rock Triathlon was held Saturday, July 26th! We had a around 200 participants and everyone had a great time!

Results for the Triathlon can be found here!

New this year was the addition of the Kid's Castle Run on Friday night!

Results for the Kids Castle Run:
Kid's Castle Run Obstacle Course - Girls

1 1:56 Marie Webb 10
2 2:01 Anna Beaver 12
3 2:11 Karley Beaver 10
2:20 Mady Muehr 8
2:49 Molly Wysocky 9
3:00 Kathryn Fredrickson 6
3:23 Laila Bork 6
3:39 Jillian Roennenburg 6
3:47 Ella Henson 6
4:08 Lindey Beaver 4
4:15 Jessie Fredrickson 4
4:50 Lilly McCoy 4
4:56 Sophia Frommer 5
5:23 Kayla Lowrey
Amelia Spaeth 2

Kid's Castle Run Obstacle Course - Boys

1 2:16 Camden Oliver 10
2 2:17 Rylan Beaver 8
3 2:20 Dakota Padgett 10
2:35 Nicholas Cote 8
2:42 Tanner Schwem 6
3:14 Calvin Seis 5
4:36 Keagan Lowrey
4:40 Gabe Seis 3
4:44 Nolan Bork 4
5:32 Romeo Castillo 3
Click Here for Rules & Information
Click Here for the Race Map